Easy in your Hand, Decorative on your Table

Nela's Salt Shaker fits easily and softly in your hand thanks to its perfectly natural shape. And it's so decorative! Use it on your table for either salt or pepper (or both if you purchase two pieces) for even sprinkling at modest quantities. Also great to use in the kitchen while preparing a delicious dish!


White Forest

Hand drawn leaf motif. Black on White. Regular $44.00

Black Forest

Hand drawn leaf motif. White on Black. Regular $44.00
turquoise dragonfly

Turquoise Dragonfly

Freehand dragonfies. Black on Turquoise. Regular $44.00
random glaze

Cream Mocha

Random glaze patterns. Regular $44.00
Turquoise Crystal

Turquoise Crystal

Turquoise glaze patterns. Regular $44.00
blue Crystal

Blue Crystal

Dark blue glaze patterns on black. Regular $44.00
Red Inc B

Brick Red

Brick red glaze patterns. Regular $44.00
wine red forest

Wine Red Forest

Hand drawn leaf motif. Beige on Dark Red. Regular $44.00

How does it work?

Simply fill Nela's salt shaker with some salt through the bottom opening. Place the salt shaker on the table with the flat side down. The salt will not fall out! Salt can only be released by shaking up and down. Salt will remain dry.

Its ingenious but simple design guarantees that the salt will not spill while keeping it dry and free of insects and dirt.

... And YES, you can also use Nela's salt shakers with fine-grained pepper, sugar and any other dry and grainy spices!




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Unfortunately we cannot ship our products to Hawaii. However, you can find our products at:
The Local Gentry
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808 565 9130

Nela's Salt Shakers are Made In America and individually hand painted. Each piece is unique and slightly different. And each salt shaker is personally signed by Nela, the talented crafts lady who developed this curiously shaped table ware.

Nela's Salt Shakers are made of sturdy, light-weight ceramic, manufactured on a throwing wheel, dried, hand painted and baked to glossy perfection.

salt sprinkling out salt not spilling